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Linking Multiple Files

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Is it possible to link multiple files so that I can create a worksheet which counts all the objects from the files linked to that project ? Scenario as follows

1- I create a master file with all my custom made symbols, attach records etc

2- I then have multiple files, different rooms, spaces etc which are part of the same project, and have symbols from the masterfile within them

3- I create a worksheet on each sheet page on each drawing with a Bill of Quantities for that specific file

4- Can I have a worksheet that will count all the objects across the multiple project files ??? So I have a complete list of all items required for the project as a whole 😊


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I don't think you can link worksheets in different files directly - I'm not a worksheet export so happy to be corrected on that.


However, I haven't tested it, but the worksheet criteria dialogue has an option to include components of referenced design layer viewports. meaning if your master file contained dlvp's of all the slave files AND the dlvp's included the required symbols then the worksheet in your master file should be able to access all the record info in the other files.


Might be worth a try.


Is the reason for multi files on one project because of the size of the project? Or some other reason?




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@Boh thanks for the input 👍, we design furniture & interior packages, usually large projects (i.e. 15 floors, 300 rooms) and work from architects drawings of room sizes. Each room type has its own drawing, so hence having multiple drawings for each project. We never have a model or single file with all floors, all rooms etc. 

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@Boh has it right. Tick that box to include data from dvlp of referenced files.


Some types of data, presented on worksheets in a master file, that are  “pulled“ from dvlp of a referenced file may receive a prefix automatically assigned by vwx.  I’m thinking it is text stuff like object names? Or class names? Haven’t done this for a while. Prefix is something like NNA# . . . Where the # or other character is specific to a particular dvlp. I never figured out how to create a custom prefix or eliminate the auto assigned ones. Numeric data seems unaffected.


But aside from that prefix modification associated with certain criteria, the worksheets can reliably pull data/ values from files represented by dvlp.



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