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Cloud Revision Tool Not working Correctly

El Dinyo


I modify revision clouds with add and subtract surface commands.  For some reason, Vectorworks 2019 remembers the previous configuration and will erase the previous modifications made to the revision cloud.  This worked in previous versions of Vectorworks. The lastest service pack vectorworks SP4 does not fix the issue.


This does not only effect adding and clipping surfaces.... it effects moves.  If you move the revision cloud and then add a surface, the resultant revision cloud will reflect the cloud BEFORE you moved it.


I had a similar issue before with a 2D Path Plugin Object that I created, but there was no response. I am having the same exact issue with the cloud revision tool.


Adding a surface to the original revision cloud:



Then i revise the cloud again by adding another surface:



The final shape does not reflect the 1st add surface command.

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Seems like all 2D Path Objects are broken in this manner in Vectorworks 2019.  Vectorworks.....please fix!!  This same issue is severely hindering the usability of a custom plugin object that is important to our firm that we have used and developed for 8+ years.

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