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Janvin Lowe

VW 2018 crashes when Gridline object is selected

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As indicated in subject, when I select the gridline object (created by gridline tool) VW hangs (Mac pinwheel).


Any clues as to why or a fix for this bug?



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@Paulo Ferrari yes, I'm on SP6 - I've since deleted those buggy instances of the Gridline entity and have replaced them with manually created symbols.


For specs:

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)

2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Radeon Pro 450 2 GB

Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB



MacBook Pro.spx

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@Paulo Ferrari I disabled Automatic Graphic Switching but no luck.  That's after rebooting as well.  I thought this might be an isolated issue with this file I'm working with but I just opened a brand new file and initiated the Gridline tool but once the gridline was complete, VW hangs (Mac pinwheel).

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@Paulo Ferrari  Update:  I left my desk with VW hung for like 8-10mins and it unhung itself but as soon as I panned around, it hung (pinwheel) again... so there's definitely some VW process that is getting hung up but is still working in the background... very strange... such a simple tool can create such havoc.

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@Alexander Thiel  Yes, I am on Mojave. My object info wasn't docked to the screen nor to any other palette to begin with - so what I did was disabled the option "allow floating palettes to dock" just for extra measures.  Then I initiated the Gridline tool and created a gridline but immediately after, VW hangs.  But after 3-4 minutes VW unhangs and I gain my regular cursor back (ie. not a pinwheel). However, as soon as it is selected, VW hangs again.


The only thing that I think changed since I was able to properly use/edit/select Gridline entities was before I upgraded to Mojave, so that might just be the culprit - I hope this is enough to allow it to be investigated as a bug fix for future service pack releases.


Thanks for your responses thus far.

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