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Hang fixture per truss cord


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Hi there,


How do I hang a fixture on or move a fixture to a specific truss cord? 


Edit: Also, how do I get fixtures to snap to actual hanging (ie: hangable) points on a truss? Even when it's been converted to a hanging position, snaps only look at it like a collection of lines.



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Once you have attached a lighting device to a truss you can move it to another chord and it will maintain its position relative to the truss. When in doubt, move the light to where you want it positioned on the hanging position, right-click the fixture, choose "Attach to Hanging Position" ad select the appropriate Hanging Position.

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I don't seem to be able to do it consistently. Sometimes the hang positions (those little blue arrows) end up way off on one axis or another, or I have trouble picking a hanging position that's an actual hanging position (see my original edit).  I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, now I know how it should work.



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