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Worksheet Improvements



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My two requests for worksheets:

- Make the functionality and interaction more like Excell/Numbers (formulas, moving cells, merging, etc)

- The ability to import, export and reference cells/columns/data from an external spreadsheet file (or have the worksheet portion of the file .vwx file separate and externally editable.)


Hope I didn't hijack your thread!

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Dear Sir and/or Madam.


I endorse this thread whole-heartedly.  Ideally, at least some basic spreadsheet functionality should be present in worksheets. You should be able to cut and paste more easily, you should be able to extend a value or series of values along rows or columns (for example type 1, 2, 3, and highlight further with it automatically filling in the subsequent series - or at least it should be able to populate a single value along a column).


Failing this, I believe a reasonable request would be to at the very least be able to copy and paste between worksheet and standard spreadsheet of your choice. Currently, we are halfway there - cutting and pasting does preserve values and cells from worksheet into spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, cutting and pasting back the other direction results in all values being paste into ONE cell in the worksheet.  - If multiple cells with the same number of rows/columns are selected when you paste, then all the source information is pasted into each one of those worksheet cells. 


I hope the worksheet gets the love it deserves. 


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Worksheet improvements are also high on my list. I'd like a couple key items:


Cut and Paste from excel should be same shape and size in the Vectorworks worksheet. Vectorworks should stretch to accept a paste that has more columns or rows than the user has set up.


Rather/in addition to the 1 vs 1.1 database nomenclature, ability to change the color of database rows automatically in mixed database/worksheet documents.


Make the 'create new worksheet' button a tool button rather than a disappearing button in the bottom of the resource browser that you can only find if you've selected 'worksheets' in the resource browser. At least make is show up in the resource browser when you select "All Resources".


The worksheet and database functionality is a huge selling point of Vectorworks. I'd like to see some serious cycles behind it to make it a little easier on the end user.

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I'd add that Benson's proposed big red 'Update' button should also be re-labeled 'Update Active' and then a second button labeled 'Update All'.

While re-calculate makes technical sense, it is very counter intuitive for an end user IMHO. Especially when there is nothing to calculate in your database. Just a long list of things. re-calculate implies that I only need that button if my worksheet is doing maths. And I do understand that it IS doing a ton of background math, just not maths that i've set up.

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15 hours ago, tekbench said:

I'd add that Benson's proposed big red 'Update' button should also be re-labeled 'Update Active' and then a second button labeled 'Update All'.

Update or Recalc Active could be good. Maybe the Update All should remain hidden in a menu or dialog? It’s potentially time consuming to wait for inadvertent unstoppable multiple updates. 


A related idea (but way down list) is some graphical indicator of Out Of Date status.  Could be barber pole border similar to Viewports, or color background. Or color text/background in the resource manager list of worksheets.  Or ???



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Hey all this is half a question and half a wishlist (as who knows the functionality might exist and I may not have found it).

This is primarily for generating fixture and fitting, and furniture schedules:

Is there a way to assign an image to a symbol i.e in the record format include an image function (photo from the product website) that can then be called up in the worksheet?

Of course you can include a plan/elevation view of the object but this really doesn't satisfy what I'm looking for.


Thanks - any help would be appreciated.

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