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Linear Materials Flipping (VW2017)


Does anyone know why my linear materials keep flipping when I resize them or edit them? And how do I prevent this happening.


Example, I use the linear material tool to draw a section cut through a layer of 5/8" drywall which is on the underside of a stair stringer and landings. So the material runs horizontally along the underside of the lower landing, then turns 30° to run up under the risers before turning -30° back to horizontal.


I find that my drywall linear material shows the finished surface on the wrong side and I cannot seem to choose to flip it.


On the rare occasion where it seems to work ok, if I need to use the reshape tool, it seems to behave unpredictably and can randomly flip my finished surface from top to bottom or bottom to top.


Another example would be drawing Corrugated Deck W Fill. If I want to draw a curved line of the material to represent drainage mat running over a perimeter drain, I find that I cannot control which face the corrugations appear on. And if I add a curve to the run of material, VW seems to decide for me that I must want to flip the material upside down and does not let me choose whether side A or B is the corrugated side.




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It sounds like you are either drawing sections or details in 2D - Yes?  We don't use the linear material tool for the reasons that you have found as well as it's reasonably small range of functions.  Instead, try using the wall tool.  That will allow you to set a single component or a series of components and will display correctly regardless of the angle that you draw them at.


For items like corrugated roof decks I would suggest creating a custom line with a repeating pattern that matches the deck profile that you want. 



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That's right - I'm either drawing details in 2D or creating a section viewport that I'm drawing on top of. Either way, it seems that the linear material tool makes seemingly arbitrary decisions about which side it believes is the outside of the material.


For some unspecified reason it seems to randomly flip the instance of the material back and forth as you reshape it - I have no idea what logic it uses to drive that decision. Also, when it DOES flip, it doesn't flip around its centre-line - it flips along one edge. So you can find your line of drywall suddenly intersecting with the framing you're trying to put it against.


Any other folks finding a similar issue or is it just Taproot and me who are experiencing this?

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