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Simplified truss color

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I am using black truss in my stage rig and my visualiser demands I turn on simplified truss (too many polys). Simplified truss is white and sticks out like a sore thumb in my visualiser.


I can't seem to find a way to colorize it in a non destructive way, any ideas are much appreciated


Thank you

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When I was doing a lot of visualization, I created textures that were images of truss and applied those to simple pieces of geometry. Worked really well and put no strain on the processor. If I was doing something that used illuminates truss, I would light a piece of truss in VW, create a texture from that, apply the texture in the visualizer and then assign RGB illumination properties to it. Basically the piece of geometry lit up and it looked an awful lot like an illuminated truss and again, no draw on the processor. 


Maybe that that could be of use to you?  

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