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Break Line Tool Defaults

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Hoping someone can help. The default setting for the width is 3/8" and height is 3/4" which is way to big for what i need.

I modified these to .1 and .2 in the Plug-in manager but whenever I use the tool it still gives me the default size. Any info on how to implement this change?

Tried restarting. Also deleted the old tool and added it again. Is there an area for modified tools I need to add to my menu instead?


Thx in advance for any help.


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If you run the Purge command on your file, check the box that says Special Records Formats. That is where the tools settings information is normally stored. Then delete any item that refers to the break line.


I just changed my breakline settings in the Plug-in maager and it seems to work well. Are you still on VWX 2013?

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We use the "Breaker_v1" custom tool instead of the built-in VW breakline tool.

I think it is superior.  It allows for double breaks and uses a fill between the breaks to look correct.


I can't remember if it is a paid plugin or free ... or even where I got it. 

If anyone else can remember where it came from, let me know .... if it's free, I would be happy to post it here.








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