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Window and Door Tool maturity



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Same here.

Thanks Christiaan and Bas for your effort.

We NEED this tools to get improved dramatically in order to cover all the different scenarios. It is very very basic now. 

For the beginning I would be really happy if international version gets belgian/dutch window/door abilities.



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Window and Door insertion class default

Can I add/ask whether this is possible:

Ability to change insertion options to assign every new window/door to a particular class. 

In the same way that a symbol or wall can have a default class assignment this needs to be created for windows and doors.

Strangely my colleague seems to have a glitch whereby all her windows automatically assign to the "sanitaryware" class - though this has never been set and I can't seem to find a way to change this setting, and her doors similarly automatically go onto another class.


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Woah, the Dutch versions looks amazing!


The Australian version has WinDoor by OzCAD (maybe that's standard?), which has lots of options but is becoming quite arduous to use.

As it has developed, it's become maze-like and overloaded with lists inside lists inside lists.

It can take a while to navigate a pathway through these to make a WinDoor object do what you want it to do.

I find WinDoor a bit temperamental, too:

- You can't seem to select all your windows and edit their settings (eg: classes) all together, but have to do it window at a time, or else go via the rather cumbersome "copy and apply" dialogue box.

- They're not very stable (for me), but give themselves new classes rather a lot, and other new settings such as id symbols sometimes, which makes for tedious reassigning of these.

- If I edit or delete an unwanted WD class, the redundant class seems to keep reappearing and popping up in random WinDoor objects.


Some features I really appreciate are:

- Level of of class control

- good 2D and 3D representation

- editing some schedule info from inside Schedule Worksheet


This aside, some of my WinDoor design wishlist items are:

- EDIT WINDOOR ID FROM ANNOTATION (numbers, position) from inside a viewport annotation (like section markers) so I can see how they sit in relation to my notes and dimensions.


- COMBINE FORM AND SETTINGS dialogue boxes (the distinction is not obvious, and it slows the flow to have to click in and out of each one)

- ALLOW ASYMETRICAL HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL FORM so it's more like a window joiner's schedule - eg: a door and sidelight with one highlight window over the lot (ie X windows above Y windows) instead of having to have two over two or 3 over 3 etc (X windows over X windows).

The only way workaround I have found, whilst exploring the WinDoor maze is have separate windows for these, which can make my schedules a bit confusing, plus necessitate mucking around with sill settings for the uppermost window.  But maybe I've missed something?

- EDIT ALL SCHEDULE INFO FROM INSIDE WINDOW SCHEDULE WORKSHEET, not just User 1, User 2 etc settings.  And then have it magically update all your windows!

- VECTOR REPRESENTATION IN WINDOW SCHEDULE WORKSHEET, ideally dimesionable, instead of having an "image" - the resolution of the images is pretty bad.  I'm not sure how this is possible, but it would be cool.



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yes it is unbelievable that there exists a lot of different window tools for the same thing

in each different version (us-version, benelux-version, german-version, maybe more).


it must be more expensive to write 3 tools i think, than one for all of them.

Every distributer makes his own soup, i guess.


dunno why, they do not merge the best of all together and bring one tool

that serves everything.


i know there are different conditions for windows in each country,

so the tool have to react to this.


the main/basic functionality should everywhere be the same.

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11 minutes ago, sak1850 said:

My dream for the past 5 or 6 versions has been to have a window tool that works properly, it looks like (from the leaked brochure for 2021) that once again we have to put up with a window tool that is not fit for purpose.

I reported a bug with the sill orientation back before 2016 and it still has not been addressed.

It would be great to be able to rely on this absolutely vital part of the program, it would make life far simpler rather than spending hours on workarounds, please Please PLEASE you programmers get a grip on the window and stair tools, they are far more important than some of the nice bells and whistles that are added every year (which are very welcome and I love some of the improvements).

Like all who work in architecture we know that without proper foundations even the best of bling added to the final design will not make a safe structure.


yes, there is nothing to add.


i like most of the new things each year and vw is getting better in some cases.

… but always get disappointed, whats done with windows/doors and stairs.


so a big big please to vectorworks devs from me too …

… give us architects more love. 🥺


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32 minutes ago, Tobias Kern said:



yes, there is nothing to add.


i like most of the new things each year and vw is getting better in some cases.

… but always get disappointed, whats done with windows/doors and stairs.


so a big big please to vectorworks devs from me too …

… give us architects more love. 🥺



It seems like there is no point asking, or saying please.


Lots of people have been asking for this, for many years.


Every year, VW chooses to ignore this. I honestly don't understand why. It's a joke that it's marketed as "BIM ready" when (just for example) it's been putting windowsills on back to front for at least five years.

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7 hours ago, Tobias Kern said:



could it be possible to convert or run the Benelux Window Tool with another VW Version?

The Tool must be like a plugin in VW or?

I work with the German version and would like to try the tool.




Those tools are amazing!! And they are present in the German, French and the Italian version, I don't know why we don't have them in the English version, it blow my mind, how stupid it is...

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