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i have been using VWs for going on ten years, but solely on a mac. i have recently moved onto a PC. This may be a really stupid question but i cant work it out. on a mac if you want to change the class of an object when you do it via the object info pallet you can press a letter to jump to that section. this doesn't seem to work on a PC, you have to scroll down for ages or hover at the bottom to get it to go quicker. Does anyone know if this is just the way it behaves or am i missing something?


its not a major issue, but it really bugs me as i have hundreds of classes in my drawings



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I don’t know the answer to your question but I did recently discover a cool trick for assigning classes if you have lots of classes in your file. 


instead of using the oip, with your objects selected go to the classes tab of the navigation palette, right click on the class you want to assign and choose ‘assign to selection’


i Like this way because unlike the oip the class list in the nav palette uses hierarchical sorting so if you have a good class structure there is no having to scrolling down. 


Also do you can do this repeatedly on different objects as the nav palette will stay where you last left  it


Anyway. I hope someone answers your question!

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thanks for the reply, i never knew you could do that.... feel almost ashamed seeing i have been using VWs for so long! sometimes you get so stuck in your ways you forget to explore stuff along the way. This is actually a better solution to my problem. cheers

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Hi Monkey,


When I click the "Class" dropdown in the OIP with an object selected, focus goes immediately to the search bar in that dropdown, so I can start typing and narrow down the list.  Is that what you mean?


Annoyingly, the search bar in the class navigation pane behaves a bit differently: you have to press enter to apply the search term to the list.


I remember the same behaviour from vwx on mac, but that was over 10 years ago for me.  Am I describing the behaviour you want?

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