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Publish to PDF as separate files leads to naming error

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We tend to export PDFs as one large single document containing all of the files, but like to include a file with each drawing as a separate file as sometimes that's what you need.


I was really excited by VW19s ability to come up with a custom naming format for the files, but so far I haven't managed to get it to work on our titleblock - neither when using VW's default naming conventions or our own custom one. I set up the naming convention as follows:


(As an aside - I have never managed to get the 'edit' or 'delete' button to not be greyed out - if I select my custom naming convention from the drop down button, everything below that is greyed out, so I can't delete or edit an old convention i've made)


When I press publish I get the following error message:



If I click 'Append Numbers', it will export the sheets, but the file names will be like the following:




Clearly something is going wrong, I wonder if it's something to do with our custom titleblock (which works completely fine everywhere else!). Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov for your help in advance!

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I've managed to get this to work in other files, but not this one, I think this comes from the window misremembering my selection, and instead using a naming convention that doesn't actually work: 


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Hello @_James,


I will be very grateful if you let me know how did you create your Title Blocks.

I have investigated this with the file you sent me and I found out that there are plenty of unused fields in Title Block Sheet Data, which seem to be the same fields as the TBB parametric fields, which is very strange. Also, there is one field which has empty name. This is the problem field, which is breaking the naming scheme. If you delete this field from Manage Sheet Data, either from TBB Settings or Manager dialogs, you will have correct naming.


This could also solve your problems with


However, the main problem here is that you ended up with such messed up Sheet Data and it would be great to find out what caused this.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov,


Thanks for looking into this, I can confirm that this has helped the export to separate PDFs issue - thank you very much! I haven't looked into the printing order yet as it's still very slow from a project sharing file and I don't want to hog the printer!


I think the excess of sheet data may have something to do with merging the records of a 2016 file with the 2019 file? Certainly our template title block doesn't have all this extra sheet data and so thats the only explanation I have although i'm no expert.

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1 minute ago, _James said:

@Nikolay Zhelyazkov


Exactly, hence why I think they must have come from merging the records. Does this seem plausible to you?

How did you merge the records? Actually, which records did you merge?

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Well, the issue is not reproduced in your recording. There are no extra Sheet Data fields created. Maybe there was a corrupted file used before?

For now I cannot do anything more, unless I manage to reproduce the bug. If you have any luck with that, let me know here.


Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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Yes hopefully it was a one-off. Should it return i'll let you know. Thanks for all your help.


Was there ever any update about very slow printing from project sharing files from the following thread?



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2 minutes ago, _James said:

Was there ever any update about very slow printing from project sharing files from the following thread?

- I have not got the time to investigate this for now, but it is in my to do list. I will let you know in that thread, when I have tested it.

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