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DISREGARD - Snap to Referenced Object

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** EDIT ** Figured it out.  Can't seem to figure out how to delete this post, however.


Hi all,


My references are working nicely - I reference the layers I want, and they show up with their classes in tow.


BUT! I can't seem to snap to objects on those referenced layers without activating them. I do have "Show/Snap/Modify Others" set for both classes and layers.


What have I done wrong, please?



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Usually I would always have Show/Snap/Modify Others set for classes. For DLs I change as required and the only time I set Show/Snap/Modify Others for DLs is if I forget what layer something is on (so I change the layer option click it and check the OIP). I have found it too risky to have it set for DLs and also impractical.


I am sure others work differently just the way I do things

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