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Line tool snapping issue

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Hi guys.

I'm running into a problem when drawing a line in 3D. 

When I hover my mouse over the edge of the 3D object (at blue arrow) there appears this 3-axis cursor thing (at red arrow) that has the 3 axis' colours and what looks like a smartpoint  where they meet in the middle, it follows my mouse position on the Z-axis, just a bit lower. As soon as I click the mini 3 axis cursor disappears and the line origin has started to draw from the 3-axis mirror cursor and not on the edge where my cursor actually was.

I checked the Smart Cursor settings one by one and none of them seems to be the solution.

I'm sure it is not a bug and that I'm missing something.

Any help is appretiated! Thanks in advance! 

Snapping Problem.png

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What you are seeing is not a bug.


If you are attempting to draw a line then it needs a plane to draw on. Unless you are able to assign a plane in Automatic mode, or using the Set Working plane command (Cnd\} , then the cursor will snap to the point you have found but the line will be created at the point indicated by your red arrow, which is on the default layer plane.


If you use the 3D poly tools or a Nurbs curve, then you will be able to snap and start your "line" at the point indicated by your blue arrow. 


Essentially LIne Objects have to start and finish on the same plane. 3D polys and Nurbs can exist across any plane in 3D space.


I hope that helps clarify things a bit.



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