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Framing Member correct texture alignment

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Hi Guys,


Is there a way to correctly map texture on the framing element that is at angle...in my case rafters.

I hope there is, but fear there is not ...





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Hi, Pavol. In the "Object Info/Render" palette is a rotation slider that should allow you to change the direction of the texture you're working with.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 3.01.27 PM.png

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Thanks Steven,


In framing member tool in render tab i dont get this options (class texture)...however when using attribute mapping tool (first i get notice, see attachment) hitting OK i get few of mapping options icluding rotation but with no effect to texture alignment when changed.

I think i has read recently on this forum that you are not able to correct it in case of framing member object.


Snímka obrazovky 2019-06-27 o 22.34.20.png

Snímka obrazovky 2019-06-27 o 22.34.09.png

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My error....I let slip you are using the Framing Member tool. I don't really use that tool for my work. Maybe some others will chime in if there's a way for you to alter texture direction. Thanks.

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Posted (edited)

I have had issues with this as well.  For framing members, textures map inconsistently.  My solution has been to create a texture with a very fine grain pattern. That way, when it maps, if it is going the wrong way it isn't glaringly obvious.


Here's an example.  You'll see the top texture is mapped correctly, but the side texture is rotated 90 degrees.  At most normal scales, this fact pretty much disappears. You'll see that we also use an "X" polygon for our custom profiles.  That way, framing members appear correct in section cuts.




The other trick that I use (when correct orientation matters) is to have two copies of my wood texture in each file.

One texture is rotated 90 degrees from the other i.e. Wood Grain-Horizontal and Wood Grain-Vertical

That way, I can quickly substitute the better looking texture for the face that is primarily viewed.


Fundamentally, this seems like a bug - as the texture direction should be consistent on the sides of the member (rather than rotated 90 degrees from surface to surface).







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Thanks @Taproot, i was afraid that what you are stating might be true...ah

I am working with two copies of one texture with horizontal and vertical  orientation. 

Today I found out that this misalignment is only when you use type 'rafter'. Solid beam type works fine and texture follow longer edge.  See attachment.


I see that in vw2020 is just the same.


Is someone in vectorworks aware of this? Is this classified as bug?

This is not huge thing but I definitely prefer to have everything setup real world correctly.



Snímka obrazovky 2019-10-01 o 15.43.55.png

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Posted (edited)

Unfortunately, the inability to properly texture plug-in objects has been around so long that I don’t believe that Vw considers it a ‘bug’, but instead they probably consider it as ‘Working As Designed’.


If you care about proper texturing of framing members, extrusions, cabinets, subdivision objects, etc please go over to this wishlist thread and upvote it:

In that first post, I listed many (but probably not all) of the objects in Vw which cannot be properly textured; Framing Members being one of those listed.


There is also a separate wishlist for proper Texturing of Objects With Wood Grain.


Please go upvote both wishlist items, and hopefully soon Vw will finally correct this long-standing shortcoming.



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