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.bak files and autosaves

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Hi All,


This is hopefully a very quick question with an obvious answer I'm overlooking..


Autosave options in Vectorworks are pretty straightforwards. I have it set to update every 15 minutes to 'a backup folder in the same place as the original file'. Great; it creates a folder called 'VW Backup' and I can see all the autosaved .vwx files in there.


But what are the '.bak. files which seem to be littering the folder where the main .vwx files are saved? Do I need to keep these? Should I keep deleting them? I've never really understood what they are.





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If I remember well, some VW employee (Jim Wilson?) had explained it somewhere in the forum.


VW tries to save the file by first saving a new file, renames the old file to the backup file name, then renames the new file to the old file's original name, delete the backup file.


So probably the Backup-Files (.bak) were kept, as something went wrong along the line (possibly just VW could not delete the backup file).

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I just posted another relevant tip to another thread: 


I use a separate external drive specifically for automatic backup files.  It keeps things off my main drive(s).   You can set the save location from Vectorworks (menu)-> Preferences... -> Autosaves -> Autosave a backup copy to -> A custom location -> Choose...





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