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Site model export for earthworks

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Hi All,


I most likely missing a trick, but I can't seem to find how/where I can export my proposed model as a data set to provide to an earthworks contractor.


At this stage I'm not sure what format the contractor would need, but I'm presuming something along the lines of an XYZ for them to load into their plant and merrily mound up to the required heights.


My existing model was created from a topo survey at a 10m grid and the proposed model created from a series of dashed linear modifiers with z-levels set 1m, 2m, 3m etc above grade to sculpt the landscape as required. The resultant 3D of the proposed looks roughly as it should. I just need to extract it out in a format a contractor might use (waiting to hear, thought I'd tackle the problem from this end too).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dan


Interesting questions!

If your team need contours, all you need to do is set the site model 3D style to 3D contours, and make sure it is also set to proposed. Then, File > Export > Export DXF/DWG.

You may want to exclude hidden classes and export design layers as separate files, so that you can discard anything that is not the site model itself.


For an XYZ file:

Creating an array of Stakes, and on the OIP then setting them to Set elev to Site Model (Proposed), then create a new worksheet and chose functions to report the coordinates.

  1. Double click in the Resource Manager and choose Worksheet.
  2. Right-click on Row 2 and change it to Database.
  3. It will then ask you for the selection criteria. Choose Type = Stake (and maybe also Layer = ... just in case you have stakes on other layers that you want to rule out). 
  4. Along the top of the first three columns, click the arrow, and choose Functions in the first drop-down menu. Select XCoordinate for the first column, YCoordinate for the second, and ZCoordinate for the last. 
  5. This will give you the X,Y,Z information you need! You can then export this as a csv file which your team will be able to load into their kit.

I've attached a small example here which I hope will help.



All the best

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