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Walls with wall styles in symbols can't have lineweight?

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Hey guys I have problem with something kinda annoying:


I have 3 appartment blocks that are exactly the same from the interior walls, so I modeled them putting the walls inside a symbol.

The components of these walls are defined by wall style.


I don't understand why, but in the attributes pallette, everything is greyed out except lineweight, and this lineweight is set to be 0.00 . And it is impossible to change it, it automatically reverts back to 0.00 .



I supposed this is linked to the wall being inside a symbol, but using the same wall style on walls outside the symbol resulted in the same problem.


I then checked all my walls since all of them are defined by wall style, and noticed that all of them are like this. So this is normal (?).


The problem with  that is that I have no way to define the lineweight. And this is a problem in section VPs:


the walls appear without a lineweight.


Now I guess this is also the source of some other problems I've been meeting: I my sections VPs, some lines on walls just randomly stop for no reason.

here's the advanced properties tab of the VP, I don't think I got this one wrong (?).



Is this all by design and I'm missing something? I would be really disappointed that after modeling an entire building in 3D the automatic sections don't work as planned...


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Here's a simple model....the first floor walls are in a symbol.  If you go into the Class structure and adjust the Wall-Component-Int Finish 1 class, you can change the line weight and color from the very thick red, back to something a bit more normal.  Is this what you mean?


Are your wall styles set up to provide changing stuff "by Class"?


Wall Symbol test.vwx

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@Wes Gardner thanks for your answer.


I can't open the file since I'm still on VW2018, but what you describe seems to be what I'm looking for.

Yes all my walls are defined by wall styles, and the components of these styles are defined by class, so everything should be editable by class.

However, everything should be working, the class my walls are assigned to has a correct lineweight, the wall components are in the right class, the wall object is in the right class as well, but the lineweight can't be changed from 0.00...


Are the walls in your file defined not only by class but also have a style? Because I have further up in my file a set of walls in symbols that have no wall style, and these can be adjusted without a problem.

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