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Default 3D Legend View

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

First, in the edit label legend menu make sure that you tick the fields that you want active in your 3D label in the use 3D column (red)


if you want to set the 3D layout for the fields in relation to the fixture use the drop down menu highlighted in blue, choose none and then use the edit 3D layout option in the label legend manager to set up the layout.


Otherwise the legend will use a default layout, depending on which option you choose.


label legend 1.JPGlegend 2.JPGlegend 3.JPG


After assigning your legend to the fixture make sure that in the object info pane you have selected a 3D Legend view, otherwise it will not be visible (I normally use screen aligned). Lastly you may need to use the 'refresh labels' command in the OIP if you change views.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

3d Legends are applied like Jesse says above, however I cannot see a way to make sure all of your fixtures display a 3d legend view to front or right by default. I have tried editing the light info record defaults through the spotlight preferences menu but it seems to be locked out.


I tend to put a default fixture on a position with al of these options pre set, then I duplicate that fixture and replace with symbol as appropriate, this saves having to select multiple instruments and selecting 3d view.


Unless anyone can find a way of pre-setting this I will make a feature request via Jira.





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Thanks Jesse and Tom.


I had managed to figure out what you outlined above, Jesse.  Tom has articulated my problem exactly.


Tom: I've actually updated our template/reference files to include this.  We've got an insertable symbol with all our fixtures (so our classes survive purges with less clicking), and I've added the 3d Legend View settings for copy/pasting as you suggested.  It would still be nice to be able to associate it with a symbol, so I'm off to feature requests.


Thanks again!

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This is possible, but requires you to make a new record format.


If you make one with the criteria filled in thus:




Attach that to your lighting instrument symbol/s. You can edit the criteria for each symbol if you like.


Then go to Spotlight preferences and open Additional Default Records


Attach your 3D label legend record.




Then save and close your file. You may need to restart VWX as well.

Then, when you insert the Instrument with the new record attached you will see the specified label legend and all the other criteria preset and ready to go.



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If you omit the first line, then yes, I would expect so.


The "Set 3D orientation" step just toggles the check mark in the OIP.


The Additional records function of the Spotlight Preferences is much overlooked but is invaluable for just this kind of thing.


It's worth saying that you should never edit the Light Info record as it will cause all sorts of annoyance down the line.


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@markdd So this is all working beautifully, except I have the 3D Labels showing up in top/plan view.  They're not present when I go to edit the 2d elements of a fixture; in the 3D layout manager for the Label Legend, all elements are set to 3D plane (not "screen"); it only appears on fixtures that are oriented vertically according to my screen (even if they're exact copies of fixtures that are rotated a little off axis, which don't have the ghost 3D labels visible in 2D plan).  It feels like buggy behaviour to me, but I thought I'd check.  Any insight?  Thanks.

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If you go back to the Label Legend manager, and then Edit Fields. Make sure that there is a check mark beside the correct field in the 2D column. They will probably be right down the bottom.


Then you should see the correct text items ready and waiting to be positioned when you click Edit Layout.


Hope that works for you



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Yes, there has been some strange behaviour when fooling around with the new 2D/3D label legends. Is it an older drawing from a previous version?


If you can bear it, try making the new Label Legend from scratch. Maybe even in a clean file. It should work. I don't think it is in any way related to the extra parts record youve added though. However, I could be wrong.


If you fancy posting the Label Legend and extra parts record here, I could take a look.

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@markdd it did it again, so I have an example.  Attached is a snip of two fixtures that have the same Legend and 3D legend view (screen aligned) applied.  Note only the one oriented vertically shows the 3D label in this 2D Top/Plan view; this is typical.


Also attached is the 3D layout for the Label Legend in question, and what I would assume are the relevant bits of the OIP for the highlighted element.


For now I've made the class in question invisible on all viewports so at least it won't print, but that's a tedious manual workaround obviously, especially with the number of files we're handling.


Any insight would be appreciated.  It's feeling more and more like gremlins.






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