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Copying info from one record field to a field in another record

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Hello all.

I was wondering if there is a way to copy information from one record in one field to another record in another field; and if yes, if there is a way to be even more advanced and possibly take information from two fields and combining them into another field in another record.


Specifically, using spotlight, we have all our lighting instruments with dmx addresses (let's say "A") and dmx universes (let's say "U") in separate fields; we would like to take those values and put them into a third field as "U.A". 


In another case, we have all these lighting instruments named in a custom record field as "Fixture Number", and we would like to straight copy that value into the "Dimmer" field. 


Thanks in advance,


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11 hours ago, iswope said:

Any luck with this? I have a similar need.

For Universe and address field since VW 2020 there is the ‘Universe/Address’ Field that Automatically combines the two fields together with a separator. You can change the separator if you like in the spotlight preferences. 

for other fields I recommend the AutoplotVW plugins. It has a menu command called ‘copy field to field’ that will do what you want. 

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