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orso b. schmid

Curtain Wall: equally spaced vertical frames

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I am tired of waiting for a fix that will never come. I asked for this functionality when the tool was issued, in 2014. Asked it again and again. It won't come.

I need a way to distribute equally Curtain Wall vertical frames. I'd like to write a Distribute Vertical Frames command to be applied on a whole wall instance.


Usually one would select them *one * by * one* then use the contextual menu "Distribute Frames".

The selection of the vertical frames is a very cumbersome process that has to be repeated countless times during the planning phase. I cannot have a style for each wall length, so setting up widths in a wall style definition is not helpful.


Does anyone have explored this already?



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The vertical frames in the wall displayed below need to have equal spacing.


There is no Vectorscript access to the frames. I searched rather deep.

Does anyone know how to access those frames?




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That's BADLY needed! It should be the Default setting... it's easier to adjust from equal spacing than to equally space 20 posts manually!

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Thinking aloud here.

Write a selection script to find the identical children, ignoring location, within the parent.

If VW does not give the the parts type numbers perhaps one can select one part and a script can identify and then flag selected all the other children in that parent that are the same size/length/orientation*. I guess the initial challenge is identifying what the program sets as selected (the child or the parent) and returns a handle to. *Do the children/extrudes have a common rotation like zero for horizontal mullions and ninety for vertical mullions.

I guess another possibility is that curtain walls are a table of parameters for the parts and a routine that generates the image. Hmmm there might be no boolean selection flag/bit as we currently understand for each of the children.

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