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set shadow by class

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SetDropShadowByCls( h:HANDLE;   byClassValue:BOOLEAN) ;


Sets the check box for Use Class Drop Shadow in VW2019, but there seems to be a bug as the shadow does not actually display until you hit the Edit Shadow button in the OIP.


I have tried the usual tricks of ResetObject and RedrawAll, but none of them cause the shadow to draw until you click the Edit Shadow button. It does not even matter if you click OK, as long as the dialog opens, the shadow draws when it closes.

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Thank you very much, I didn't know that there are any additional commands that are not in the function reference. SetDropShadowByCls worked fine.

What surprised me a bit is that a command to set the default shadow in the attributes palette to class attributes is missing. Even if you press the button 'Assign class styles' in the attributes palette, the shadow is not set according to class.
Was this forgotten when the shadow option was added?

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Here is the python-script i made. It works just like the 'Make All Attributes By Class' - Button in the Attributes Palette. It's meant to add as a menu commant to allow to use it with a hotkey.


#by Herbieherb 2019
#enhanced by MRoth

def SetClassAttributes(h):
    vs.SetDropShadowByCls(h, True)

objs = []

def Count_Objs(h):

vs.ForEachObjectInLayer( Count_Objs, 2, 0, 2 )

if len(objs) == 0:
    h = vs.FActLayer()
    vs.ForEachObjectInLayer( SetClassAttributes, 2, 0, 2 )

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