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Massed plantings lose interior line work

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Is there a way to keep some/all interior lifework on plants when the massed option is selected? Just because we plant a grouping shouldn't remove the interior branchings. If no, can I then create a new class to the VWX standards for a plant record that would replicate the original lines, but remain after massing?

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Hi @KarynT


I'm curious to know what it is you are trying to accomplish. Can you elaborate? The purpose of plant massing checkbox is to remove interior linework though you can keep tick marks if desired. If your goal is to have a thicker line that encompasses the plant grouping but interior linework remains I would suggest unchecking plant massing and setting the 2D attributes of the plant object to a thicker line. I recommend setting this by class...one set for trees and another for shrubs/perennials. Just make sure that under Visualization in the Object Info Palette that you have the appropriate Mass Outline selected (i.e. Tight Outline). Hope this helps!



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The effect of Massing is to hide everything but the rearmost polygon within the 2D graphics of the plant symbol.


If you want to retain the different elements of the symbol, the symbols provided with the software are already set up to do this with classes.

To try this, place a few plants, using any of the standard symbols that come with Vectorworks Landmark.

Now, instead of using the Mass Plants option, review the classes available in the document. Each element of the plant symbol has been classed for you, so you can show and hide things. So, you can remove the color fill, or the canopy, or the outline (but leave the sketchy or tight outline). Very flexible.

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The purpose is to add a little more graphic definition than an empty shape with the tick box inside the plant shape. Tight outline is okay, but if I'm planting a large group, the graphics get a bit boring. Think of this as adding a hint of stippling to a lawn area to convey the feel of hand rendering. BTW - I tried making a new class, sending it to the top of the plants-component-outline & the plant graphic is still in charge of itself.



2019/MacBook Pro - mid 2012

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I am adding to this discussion with similar issue that relates to plant symbol line work.  I am wondering if anyone might be able to tell me why some of my plant symbol elements are not aligned when using anything but the 'no outline' option.  I asked tech support about this a long time ago and never rec'd a useful answer or fix.  Would love to find an easy remedy so I don't have to remake a bunch of symbols in my library.  You can see how the line image (sketch outline) is offset from the symbol on the left.  When I edit the symbol and copy the background fill (for example), if I 'paste in place', it offsets it, instead of placing it right on top of the copy selection.  Anyone know why this would be occurring?  Thanks in advance

sample plant symbols.png

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Have you checked to make sure that the insertion point of the outline  (the offset graphic) is the same as the other components? That blue square should be in the middle of the "petals".

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