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Guy Edelstyn

Silent Install VW 2019 on Mac




I found the article https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/articles.html/articles/how-to/installation/silent-installation-of-vectorworks-2018-r750/ which explains how to install VW 2018 on Mac, at the end of the article it has a line that says "Click here for the 2019 article" but has no link behind it.

I have had a look around and cant seem to find it online. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction?


Also - for the switch argument -username, is this the computer user to install the app to, or is this just for product registration purposes?


Appreciate any help!


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Not to worry, used --help to get all the required arguments


/Volumes/Vectorworks2019-SP0-452523-SeriesBEG-installer3-osx/Vectorworks\ 2019\ Installer.app/Contents/Resources/installer/Install\ Vectorworks2019.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh --help
Vectorworks 2019 Installer 24.0.0

 --help                                      Display the list of valid options

 --version                                   Display product information

 --unattendedmodeui <unattendedmodeui>       Unattended Mode UI
                                             Default: none
                                             Allowed: none minimal minimalWithDialogs

 --optionfile <optionfile>                   Installation option file

 --debuglevel <debuglevel>                   Debug information level of verbosity
                                             Default: 2
                                             Allowed: 0 1 2 3 4

 --mode <mode>                               Installation mode
                                             Default: qt
                                             Allowed: qt osx text unattended

 --debugtrace <debugtrace>                   Debug filename

 --installer-language <installer-language>   Language selection
                                             Default: en
                                             Allowed: en

 --SerialOrDemo <SerialOrDemo>
                                             Default: 1
                                             Allowed: 1 0

 --Serial <Serial>                           Serial Number:

 --UserName <UserName>                       Name:

 --CompName <CompName>                       Company:

 --SerialUpdater <SerialUpdater>             Serial Number:

 --installdir <installdir>
                                             Default: /Applications/Vectorworks 2019

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@Guy Edelstyn Thanks for your input. I revised the article to fix the link for the 2019 Offline Updater instructions.



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