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Replacing extruded shape with 3D symbol

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Hi All,


This may be a very newbie question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.. (including in search!)


Simply put, is it possible to replace an extruded rectangle shape with a symbol from the resource library whilst keeping the shapes dimensions?


I have drawn up some truck packs recently using simple 3d shapes to represent accurately the sizes of our touring cases, this works fine but it would be great now to be able to replace these simple blocks with some of the pre built flight cases available in the resource manager, and have them resize automatically to fill the originally specified space (I realise the locations of wheels etc may not be accurate but that isn't a problem for these packs).


Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm using V2017 spotlight if that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance,





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Not easily.  It appears that the Racks in the Objects-Ent Stage:Rack Cases.vewx are all individual symbols rather than being a plugin object (PIO).


That means that you will not be able to easily modify the size.


If I am missing a PIO that generates a case, then you could theoretically write a script that would get the dimensions and center point of your extrude, delete it, and them place a PIO at that location and set the parameters for the size.


You could theoretically do this with the symbols, but you would have to go through the list and pick the ones that are closest to your dimensions which many not be close enough for your needs.


If you have not scripted before there is a pretty steep learning curve. As in 5 to 10 hours or more. It will depend entirely on your programming experience and how many bells and whistles you need. Make sure you really define the problem with all of the exceptions before you start trying to write it.


Hopefully someone else has a better answer.


If you decide to go with a script I will be glad to try and help. Just ask again.

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