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vs. AddSurface in this situation??


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The Addsurface function only takes in two handles. How would you do a list of handles? As per screenshot below:

where some rectangles are overlapping and some aren't?


using Addsurface in a for loop seems impossible as once the surfaces are added h1, h2 are deleted.


Thoughts anyone?



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Got it to work!


# Disclaimer: no responsibility taken for data loss. Code responsibly, save often.

def addsurface_from_list(objs_list:list): # where objs_list is a list of object handles of rectangle/polygon/arc/etc..
    if len(objs_list) > 0:
        fobj = objs_list[0]
        for o in objs_list[1:]:
            add = vs.AddSurface(fobj, o)
            if add not in [0, None]:


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Nice work. I thought I had responded last week, but it ended up  sitting as a draft.


You ended up exactly what I was going to recommend. Add 2 then add Repeat add 1 to the result.


You might need to add some error checking. The manual for AddSurface says it only works with overlapping objects. You could get a nil handle for the added object if they don't overlap.


Good Job!

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