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Exporting for AutoCAD

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Heya Team,


We are working with a venue that demands we send them all of our plans before we can work in their building. They only run AutoCAD and they are saying they have real trouble importing our DWG exports due to the fact that we draw with incredible detail. We will often have 500+Mb drawings that we are exporting and they really only require 2D information to tick their box. Is there a simpler way to do this? Are there export settings I should tweak, or any way of exporting 2D information only? We are really at a loss, we shouldn't sacrifice our quality for just one venue, but we need to be able to help them out. Thanks so much!

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Heya @mike m oz Perhaps Im not understanding this. Ive just had another go, Im looking at the sheet I would like to export and Ive selected this particular sheet in the export dialogue. My original VWX file is 850Mb and the DWG export is 159Mb.


I would have thought if I am only exporting 1 sheet and Ive told it to export viewports as 2D graphics in model space I would only be spitting ot lines, which would make a much smaller file. Is this right? Thanks in advance.

DWG Export.PNG

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