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IFC and Revit Families

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I have been working on a file to export as IFC for the last couple of days.  I final was able to get it to view correctly in an IFC viewer and in Revit.  However the consultant is telling me that none of my objects are editable as Revit Families.  Is there something else I need to do to the file in order to make it happen?  Or is this just not possible?

190612 VW to IFC.vwx

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I don't really know how Revit and Families work internally,

but when I import IFC into Bricscad, I can directly use and edit objects.

In VW, IFC objects are locked in an IFC Container and need an CMD+U

ungroup or double click edit mode to have access to the geometry

which are Extrudes, Solids or Meshes but no PIOs.

If you import RVT into VW you get even PIOs* in.

(* Or kind of pseudo PIOs as they only contain a Symbol from Revit Family

which isn't parametric anymore)


So maybe in Revit there is a similar lock they need to open to get access

for editing. But likely IFC Import it is just a bunch of geometry and data

and they would have to manually create Families from each part to be able

to reasonably work with it.

That would be a Revit Problem. IFC is ....

a) an open standard Format that all Apps should be able to translate and

b) IFC imports aren't intended to manipulate but as a kind of 3D underlay only.


If you consultant has better experience with IFC imports from other sources

in general, I would try a few different IFC options in Export Dialog.

(BREP stuff (?) and/or simple geometry export and such things)

Like I do not have much fun in Bricscad when I export VW PIOs like Walls

with included components in Styles. Either Components as separate Objects

or just simplified single body Walls.

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