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I am really missing the Landmark road planning improvements, so i can plan the roads a little more flexible directly on the site model (1) and so i can define the needed cross-section profile of the road side slopes etc. included. Today the different Site Model modifiers are useless, because the modifiers, which have at least some kind of hardscape profiles, are not really communicating with the Site Model. At the designed/modified site we usually don't have simple one direction slopes, like it could be done by the pad-modifier. Today i am able to work out a proper Site Model only by using simple 3D Polys, which takes to much time and then I can use only the Texture Bed Modifier, which can be usefull only for illustrating my Site, but is useless to have the hole hardscape layering embedded/glued to the Site model.
Also really important, that the Paving etc hardscape according to the Site model can give the needed cross-section with the specified hardscape layers (for example: brick 60 mm, setting bed 40 mm, permeable base 150 mm, permeable subbased 200 mm) and that it has BIM support. Today I can export only the Site model without proper hardscapes (material underlayering included). 

Here is a good example from Revit (awfull background music should be muted): https://youtu.be/tw7_hLQo_H0

So far I understand, is also Revit not a specific road planning software, but still they have the compadibility for planning the roads a little more functional way, not just as a flat cross-section profile based way. This is clear, that i dont wait from vectorworks to have the 100% functionality of road planning software like for example Bentley Microstation has the InRoads software, but a little more functional tools are really missing. We have today 4 VW Landmark licenses, but our clients are more and more asking for a proper Site Model together with the paving etc. We and many other Landscape Architects are more and more in worry in that sense. Dont want to leave VectorWorks.

Hoping for improvements in next Landmark tools.

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