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Lookup from worksheets in text objects?

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I'm drawing an apartment building and I need to set up a separate sheet layer for each apartment's plan with the area of that apartment displayed next to it. It's quite easy to set up a worksheet that sums up the area of each apartment (using Occupant Name for example). However in the worksheet all the areas are in one table. Is it possible to look up that corresponding value from the worksheet and display that separately from the other values?




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Ok, let me try.

Firstly, I have a worksheet like this that has all rooms summed up per apartment. Secondly, I have sheet layers with the plans of each apartment 1 through 12. What I would like to do is display the summed-up area of each apartment next to the plan. So the question is whether it's somehow possible to automatically look up the area from the worksheet and place that next onto the sheet layer as text?




I mean I could always simply copy the values as text next to the plan, but it would be nice to keep that link automatic, so that when I update the plans, the area updates as well. Other way I could think of was to create a separate worksheet for each apartment and place that onto the sheet layer, but this seems like a lot of hassle to achieve something that should be easy to do.

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A dumb workaround is to create a viewport next to the plan, showing a suitably cropped worksheet with only the desired apartment values visible.


That means though, that your spreadsheet size, location and arrangement should never change.


There is probably a way to script-populate a custom record and then display this value in a symbol next to the plan, but that is beyond my skills unfortunately.



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Just now, Hans-Olav said:

@taavilooke I would use space objects  to show area of apartments. We usually have three sets of spaces classed in three different classes, Net room, gross apartment and total floor area. 

That would be nice approach. Is it possible to get the net apartment area (substracting the area of walls inside the apartment) with this approach automatically though? Drawing a space object with the perimeter walls of the apartment easily gets the gross area, but I can't find a way to substract the area of walls this way. Having to draw the space boundary manually would be a lot of hassle...

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@Hans-Olav Well yes, but this creates spaces one room at a time. To get the area of the whole apartment with one space object, this one space has to encompass the whole apartment, right? But this one element doesn't know there are walls inside the space that it has to substract to get the net area (like the walls here).


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Thats right, I meant when you make the room only. 

I guess if you have classed the walls systematically, you could theoretically turn off interior walls and click once for the apartment.

We draw the apartments manually 

DomC has made some marionette scripts to make the process more automatic :



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