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Worksheet Criteria to search layer tags

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Is there any way to use layer tags as a worksheet criteria?


We have a main inventory on our front page that auto counts symbols of all different types with different records attached. When we duplicate a layer to try a different symbol layout or show a second position on worksheets our worksheet then adds all these duplicate fixtures.


Rather than going in to the worksheet and setting each criteria to ignore the new layers (there are a lot) it would be nice to say to ignore all layers with a certain tag, lets say an "Ignore" tag. Is this possible or failing that does anyone have any cunning ways of accomplishing the same result.





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I don't believe there is a way in VW2019 and before to use tags in criteria.


Would it be better to use a positive entry for layers that you DO want in the worksheet rather than a negative entry for layers you DON'T want?


That way you would only need to edit the criteria if you added a layer that you wanted to keep.

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