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Spotlight: Tyler Truss GT Symbol - 3D Model Issue

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Using the Tyler Truss GT symbols in Spotlight and I found that the model appears to be incorrect regarding the Truss Cart Legs mounting tubes.  The cut out for the leg insert is not symetrical/centered.  This makes aligning the Truss and Legs symbols a bit challenging, especially in vertical deployments.  Attached screenshots with the problem area highlighted in pink. 

Tyler GT Truss 1.png

Tyler GT Truss 2.png

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@ubybc Those symbols were drawn and provided by Tyler themselves.  All we did was add the classing and the Braceworks connection points.  I tried attaching the legs using the insertion point loci located on the leg symbols and the truss symbols and it looks like everything was placed correctly in both Top view and 3D views.   I have added a screenshot of the 5' section of truss showing the placement from the front and this was done by inserting loci to loci.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.22.19 AM.png

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thanks Justin, will try using the loci.  the views that challenged me from your screenshot perspective were side L/R and top.  Occasionally we floor support the truss vertically and leave the leg cart attached for logistics simpflication.  In this case we would rotate the symbol and draw the 3D vertically and the view used would be top.  When I was creating 2D for a hybrid version of this symbol, the challenge arose lining up the 2D to be symmetrical.  I'll attempt editing the 3D myself and be sure to snap using the loci like you suggested.  Appreciate the response!

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@ubybc I see what you are doing now.  Instead of redrawing the truss vertically I would use the hanging angle command located in the mode bar at the top of the screen and choose a hanging angle of 90°.  This will insert the truss vertically and you do not have to redraw the 3D.  I would then take the legs you want to use and delete the 2D geometry so that you have a 3D only symbol and this will allow you to snap using the 3D loci and rotate the legs into place for visual purposes.  It is just a thought as a lot of users aren't aware of the possibilities of the Hanging Angle option.


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