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Hi there,


Unfortunately for me I took the Mac Mojave upgrade. I'm a sole trader working on my own and I was totally naive and took the upgrade thinking it was the best thing for my mac without realising it was going to screw up VW2017. Also I'm not in a position to pay out the £2k required to upgrade to 2019. Luckily I can just about use 2017 in lowest compatibility mode for what I need it for. 


Now there is a new Mojave update and I'm scared to install it in case it will render my VW 2017 completely unusable. Can anyone advise?


By the way, I read on one thread that it was widely advised not to take the Mojave upgrade. I don't where it was widely mentioned by I managed to see absolutely nothing about it until it was too late. So please refrain from adding messages to the thread about how I should have been more aware. The deed is done & I can't reverse it so positive, helpful comments would be gratefully received.



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Hi i would downgrade the operating program on your mac.......to el Capitan my 2017 runs fine on the system 10.11.6.....you could get a memory stick for very little on eBay with el Capitan ....i made the same mistake....HTH

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Yes I was/am in a similar position, I was running VW2016 on Sierra on my Macbook Pro Retina and kept getting update reminders to upgrade to Mojave. I took advantage of a recent VW offer to upgrade to 2019 + VSS and some other software struggles, I regret spending out the money on 2019 now as things like the door tool, window tool and stair tool have not been improved, I also find the text tool to be hopelessly 'laggy' and have problems with the file path when publishing.  I have 3 other Macs running VW2016 on Sierra and initially thought that I would maybe be able to use though 2016 on the MBP but it doesn't. It's a pain as anything that I do in VW2019 on the MBP must be saved as a 2016 file in order to share it with the other Macs on the network. I may well go back to Sierra.

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@Cadplan Architecture thank you so much for the update. It's interesting what you say about the text tool because that is the one thing that is now a complete nightmare for me on Mojave. Really grateful for your input.

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