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curved window

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Can someone tell of give me a good workflow to create a curved window in 2d/3d a in the picture please

thank you

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-10 om 09.46.12.png

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I think manual modeling with Solids is the only option.

You would create a Symbol from that and activate the option

to insert in Walls.

That isn't a bad idea when having multiple instances of a same

Window anyway as you can adapt all for changes by changing

1 Symbol, save file size AND have total control about how it cuts

the Wall by a custom clip Volume + Wall Endings in 3D.

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Model and symbol as @zoomer says including wall hole component probably best. But vwx  has many ways

The Deform tool Bend mode works for many objects, including curtain wall and stairs. But they lose PIO status. Haven’t tested on a window. Probably needs Convert to Group or Ungroup first.  2d would need redo, too. Or start with 2d and use that as bending guide.



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@tismacfan2, I tried using both the twist tool and the bend tool from the 3D Modeling toolset.  The window DOES loose its "windowness" (no longer a PIO) and if you mess with it enough, you can get it to insert into a wall (sort of).  I think if I spent a little more time, I could get the "fitment" a little better and I suspect, if your client is willing to pay for true curved glass, you'll be given enough time/budget to draw it correctly 🙂




Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 10.05.10 AM.png

Bent Windows.vwx

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