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Fast Flat v0.9.1

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Good point.  I'll take a look at it again.  The last request in this thread was to not force the classes on the user.  And in my own entertainment and especially architectural drawing, I HATE classes that come into the drawing unbidden and mess up my navigation palette.

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Thanks for all your feedback, Peter.  If you hadn't pointed out what a hot mess this tool was in metric it would have never gotten fixed.


I went round and round on this same issue with my little seating chart tool.  Not sure if I made the right decision.  I might have ended up with half the baby.  By default classes are created for all the different data types, but then they are not assigned.


The way I use the tool, it's almost useless without assigning the standard classes, but I'm cautious about forcing classes.

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If you're trying to figure out the relationship between the height of the brace and the height of the flat, I couldn't remember it either so I just looked it up.


It checks the height of the flat.  If the height of the flat is under 4 feet, it just uses the height of the flat.  If the height of the flat 4 feet or more it subtracts 1 foot from the flat height.


So a flat that is exactly 4' tall will have a shorter brace that a flat that is 3'11".  Sigh.


That sounds like a terrible way to do that  :-).  Especially for the majority of the world that uses a rational measuring system.

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I apologize if this is an elementary set of questions...

1 - In one of your sample files you have a worksheet that creates a cut list.  How do I create that worksheet in a new file?

2 - How do you apply renderworks textures to the individual flats?




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I don't remember making that worksheet :-).  


Can you show me where you found it?


The OG flat tool had a material list built in because one person was interested in having it for quick budgeting.  I didn't include it in the new version, but I'm collecting a list of requested features.  So if you think it's useful I'll put it back.


Textures are applied by class.  There is a class for the "cover" which is the face of the flat.  Set a class in the OIP and it will use the texture from that class definition.


If that doesn't make sense (and I bet it doesn't :-), post back and I'll explain better.

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