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stair against a round corner wall

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There are a couple ways to do/fake this. One is to let the winders be square and then cover the corner with a curve. Or you could use different pieces for each run. Or use a straight stair at the bottom and top and extrudes for the winders. One note, to my knowledge the stair you show will not meet code (US); as I recall the minimum width for tread is 4". But perhaps this is for stage and so does not need to meet code?

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You can create it with the Stair Tool (I think), but not with the rounded corner. That will need to be masked with a polygon or round wall, or some other contrivance. Also, not sure whether the current Stair Tool will allow zero width winder treads as you show; I would need to try it/fiddle with it.  Often in these cases (curved & zero width winders, eg) I find it way faster and easier to work with simple extruded forms: Draw each windered tread in 2d; extrude each one and place at the correct height. Then use two separate straight runs of Stair for the lower and upper portions. Yes, you will need to do some math, but that's why they call it work. One trick is to use a dummy stair just to find the height of each riser. That will speed things up a bit.

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