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VW Walls ruin my C4D Exchange

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I think working with standard Generic Solids is quite safe.

But for my ever design-changing clients :


- editing Extrudes does corrupt and not refresh their Textuer Mapping (UVW)

(I work against it by changing Projection and "use world Z for ...")

- Rejoining, editing or worst, changing Layer assignments of Walls

does either create double Walls (previous and after version) or completely

missing Walls. Edited Walls with Materials by overall Wall sides will be separated

to individual Meshes after exchange. UVW's get mad + non-helpfule Phong and

Normal Tags are added.

- Inserted Windows and Doors being moved in a Wall will disappear and or lose

Wall Cuts.


The only workarounds for me are,

either, in C4D, try to find and delete double Wall Objects when you miss cutouts,

or delete the raleated Objects, exchange again and it may re-appear healthy,

or delete the whole VW import geometry folder and import from scratch.

(With all Layer or Material re-managing)

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Hey Zoomer


I no longer use C4D (dropped it a long time back) but I am interested in the thread.


Are you saying that you turn your walls to solids before export or do you leave them as walls? (I found that making windows and doors solids was a must).


When the walls are in C4D are they tris or quads (tris I suspect as VW only exports tris). If so do you then make them quads?


Either way (solid or wall object) do you have internal faces at the corners or is each wall (right and left in VW terminology) separate? (I guess separate). If separate do you leave them like that or join them in C4D to help with UV mapping?


If you do make them solids in VW you are a bit screwed if you have to have a change back in VW so I guess you would then make solid and keep a copy of the original walls. Any changes in the VW file will mean a refresh of the UV map of course so from this pov the whole process is a manual pain.





I was talking to a C4D guy the other day and pointed out that you can add loop cuts to create a hole in the wall and imagine if you had the two rectangles on either side of the wall you can select both faces and bridge. This will auto remove the faces and create the 4 quads to bridge the wall all in a single operation. 

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I won't renounce of Walls in VW.

Modeling Solids is too cumbersome.


I don't quite understand why other Objects work fine with C4D Exchange

but Walls (and maybe other PIOs) will lose Windows in Walls completly

because I did changes and moved them a few centimeters.

Or Walls disappearing after I moved and rejoined them to other Walls.


I think here Exchange does not work as designed.


My only option is to delete Parts or All from the VW import Folder,

save file and restart C4D to reload the Exchange content.

With all re-setting work that may be required.


No problem with Triangulation with C4D or FBX to C4D for me.

Everything as Quad-ish as possible.

Also both formats bring each single CAD Object as an own Mesh with

proper welded Vertices.

(Good for Manipulations and Repairs, but millions of small Meshes in tons

of groups, are tedious for OpenGL and Handling, in Mesh Modelers)


Of course each Wall is a separate Object, so joined Walls will have

2 "unnecessary" Faces where they touch,. when you want to combine

them (Like needed for Bevels at Wall Edges)

In this case such Faces have to be selected and deleted before

welding both Meshes.

Otherwise Face Normals will go nuts.

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Interesting deciding which walls (objects) need welding together for UV mapping. If you are doing internal views then adding the internal walls then putting the external walls on the same map unless of course they belong to other areas of the space than need putting together etc. etc.


I find that making the windows and doors single objects in VW,  so ungrouping and making a single solid solves the issue (most of the time) but then I have to look out for internal faces and normals are easy to handle as I always fix as required as well as optimising. The issue is that I have to keep the windows and doors are original objects in VW incase I have to change them.


The other option is to make all windows and doors openings and then import the windows and doors (as solid objects) separately. This way moving windows/doors can be done quite easily after export which saves me heaps of work.


Biggest manual effort is UV Mapping and honestly that is down to working out how best to join the objects and arrange the islands.



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