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Detail Callout Markers/Data Tag

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I'm trying to use the detail callout marker to set up detail viewports for things like bathrooms, kitchens etc. 


As an office, we don't use the 'drawing numbers' for viewports - just sheet numbers. When I use a detail callout marker however, it's very keen to put the drawing number in - in fact there are no text configurations that are 'Sheet no. only'.


My workaround for this in 2016 was to just delete the drawing number from the viewport OIP, which would then just centre the sheet number in the callout bubble. In 2019 however the 'empty' drawing number field is still present, leading to a misaligned label. You can manually move it, but it doesn't hold it's position when the file is reopened.


Is there a way to have just the sheet number only displayed here instead - I looked into the data tag tool briefly but it looks quite confusing! Creating a 'detail viewport' instead has the same problem. The reason we do it this way is because the detail viewport shows the area within the dotted line only, which makes sense. But on the above image you'll see that that would mean the door openings would be cut off. Doing it this way takes a little longer (create viewport then create marker) but it means we can keep the markers much neater on the larger scale drawings and have more flexibility in what the detail viewport actually shows without making the more general drawings messy. It would be great if there was just one way to do this that had enough flexibility for all the different ways in which people use it.

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As another potential workaround, have you tried "Sheet No. - Dwg. No." and then deleting the separator hyphen?



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