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VW11.5 difficulty opening from a file

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When I open VW by double-clicking on a file (it doesn't seem to matter what version) nothing I do once in the program seems to have any affect. From changing workspaces to affecting items in the file to opening or closing the file from the menu, nothing responds. I can only close VW via the hard close X at the top right corner. If I open from the shortcut icon and allow the program to open on it's own, THEN go through the file menu to select and open a file, all is well. Has anyone encountered this before? Does anyone have an idea why this occurs? Thanks!!!


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Not exactly the same, but from 11.0 onward I have found I cannot double-click files located on a server. No weirdness, just nothing.

Opening files on my own HD by this method has no problems.

Opening files on the server by drag+drop or from within VW works fine.

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