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Victor S

Driveway Ramps

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Hi Guys, sorry for asking so many questions.


I need to create a ramp as per attached file, any suggestions?

I tried the ramp tool, extrusions etc, but failing at the moment.



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Hi Victor,


I did a quick one with NURBS curves...I'm sure there're other ways but I'm pretty comfortable with NURBS modeling from elsewhere. I just modeled the entire ramp at some percentage...the real one would probably end up being three separate segments???? Or you could play with the rail curves maybe and get the correct percentage of slope and THEN run the LOFT command. 

  • Either way Create NURBS curves for the outer "rails" ( I used your polygonal curves - MODIFY > CNVERT > Convert to NURBS
  • Create a NURBS curve for the Profile curve (I just used a straight line but in reality it would have some crown I suspect)
  • From the 3D Modeling ToolSet - LOFT  > 2 RAIL
  • Shell command for thickness


I originally tried the NURBS roadway but....


The sub-D tool might also help in this...


There're some helpful videos, etc. floating around and Vectorworks HELP can point you to some of the modeling tools and their capabilities if you need help with modeling.





Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 10.25.54 AM.png

Ramp NURBS.vwx

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