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Creating Label Legend from Custom Record.

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I have made a Custom Record that contains 5 fields (Let's say AA BB CC DD EE). I am trying to make a label legend for my lighting instruments that use these fields, but they don't appear for me in the label legend manager's edit fields.  


How can I use my own records' fields in a Label Legend?

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Records are not directly accessible from the lighting device. The label legend can only access the Lighting Device record.

You can customize the lighting device and add your fields in the Spotlight Preferences command and then they will be available in the Label Legend Manager.


If you want to continue to attach a record to the lighting device instances your best option is to use the Data Tag to display the information.

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Posted (edited)

You can add a custom record to any lighting device symbol. The Fields can either be left empty or pre-filled in.


Then you need to add record to the "Additional Default Records" in the Spotlight Preferences dialogue.


Then you need to go to "lighting device parameters" in the same dialogue box and add the EXACT custom field names to the Lighting device parameters list.


Then when you insert the lighting device, the extra fields will appear in the OIP.


You can make the label legend in the usual way.


Attached is an example drawing to show this in operation.


Custom Label Legend.vwx



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