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Worksheet criteria - ability to remove one from middle of the stack


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We also encounter this problem regularly. The only soultion I found so far is to change the criteria manually in the formula bar. It's also the only way to change an "&" criteria into a "|" citeria, or vice versa. Very annoying.

With more and more focus on the "I" in BIM, we need to have more flexable and userfriendly ways of sorting and searching our necessary information. My colleagues always look with befuddlement at me when I am explaining theses things.


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Not the best solution, but probably workable for what you want:


Edit Criteria for the row in question and then click Cancel. The formula for the criteria should be displayed in the Formula Bar of the worksheet. It will look something like this:

=DATABASE((INSYMBOL & (INVIEWPORT & ALL & ((R IN ['__PDF']) | (R IN ['__PDF']))) & (L='Design Layer-2') & (T=SOLIDCSG)))

In this case I have gotten the PDF Record criteria added twice.


Click into the Forumula Bar and delete the criteria you don't want. In this case will delete from the vertical bar (which indicated a logical OR function) to the first close parenthesis after the '__PDF to get:


=DATABASE((ALL & (INVIEWPORT & INSYMBOL & ((R IN ['__PDF']))) & (L='Design Layer-2') & (T=SOLIDCSG)))

Then right click in the row header and choose Edit Criteria again to make sure you have edited it correctly.


The ampersand (&) characters above are a logical AND symbol. You would delete one of them and everything before or everything after to the next & in most cases.


Easier criteria editing are certainly a good wish.

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It is indeed embarrassing to have to go through the table formula to delete a selection criterion in the tables.
On my side, I found the following trick:
I change the filter value to the same as the one at the end of the criteria list. And deletes the last redundant line by asking for fewer criteria.
I hope I've made myself clear. Attached are some screenshots in French.
In the same vein, since 2018 or 2019, it is no longer possible to simply change the sort order of the columns by dragging the sort number of the column headers... do you have any tracks for that?
And finally, it would be really nice to be able to use criteria filter operators on classes and layers with a syntax like "starts with..." or "contains" or "does not contain".
Without entering the formula bar and use the asterisk symbol it is not possible....
And this principle could be applied to all windows and dialogues where there are sorting or selections to be made.
Thanks to the readers (users or developers) for telling me if they have solutions for this.
Landscop design

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Tableau 1.JPG

Tableau 2.JPG

Tableau 3.JPG

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@Edgar RAMEL That is a great work around.  Move the last criteria up to replace the one you want to "delete" and then delete the last one!! I love out of the box thinking!.


I don't know of a way to change sort order without effectively deleting all of the sorts and restarting them.


But a quick look makes it appear to be a scriptable problem.  How many different sorts do you need at one time?

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Hello, Pat,
More than three in general.
On the script side, I'm not really good at it. 😓

Tableau 4.JPG

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