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SL Garden Design

Lines in front of 3d trees


Help needed please!

For some reason the lines you can see in front of the trees in the foreground and also some of the line edges of extruded objects are showing in front of trees which have been planted with the planting tool.. 

I am at a total loss! 

Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 16.10.47.png

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The lines are probably 2d objects on the layer plane, Eg source objects for extrudes in the model. Note that 2d objects generally view as overlaying any 3d objects in same view. Sometimes duplicate 2d objects inadvertently are created or remain in the view coincident with the 3d stuff. Or duplicate 3d objects are inadvertently created but no fill assigned. These can render as edges on top of the coincident filled versions.


If any of that’s the case, couple things to try - but don’t endanger your project file. Try these things in a duplicate file until you know what is problem and understand results.


1.  If this is a rendered design layer rather than sheet layer (looks like it because background grid):  Couple ways to remove them - Select them and delete or move them to another layer and make that layer invisible in this view.  If they are already on another layer, turn off that layer.  Or class these elements and switch off the class. Make a Saved View when all as desired.


2.  If this is a rendered sheet layer view port, select the vp. In OIP uncheck the option for Display Planar Objects.  And/or in OIP switch off the layer/class containing the line work.





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I have recently seen same (or similar) behavior where the lines of a Hatch, in a hatched, layer-plane polygon, which is at Z=0 show on top of other objects which are above Z=0. In my opinion this is unwanted, buggy behavior. 

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