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Hatched Plan

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When utilizing a large number of hatched objects a drawing can really slow down. I've worked out a few ways to deal with this, but wonder what others do, I'm likeley not using the best method.

Here are things I have tried, depending on the circumstance:

- Turn off selected classes, save as view. This is the most straightforward, but if you want to keep the lines then you need to have everything drawn twice.

- Assign all hatches in their own class so I can select all, set fill to none, and then when needed, select all and set fill to class style. This works reasonable well but can get class-intensive. Also maybe I only want to turn off the heaviest 80%, then I have to group or create a selection set.

- Create bitmaps of particularily intensive classes and use image fill rather than hatch. This has its place, allows relatively easy adjustment of scale, start and rotation of patterns. Still, its only a partial remedy.

What I would really like is a "Show/Hide Fills" toggle that worked regardless of assigned class or other.


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Hatches,Fills,Patterns,Props can be divided into MathProcessor & VideoProcessor.

Hatches required vectormath.Fills,Pat,Prop are video bitmaps using videoprocessor/vram.

The speed of redraw for Hatches is dependent upon the processor speed. Once calculated the result is sent to vram for display.

1)Editing Hatches to eliminate 'redundancies' and wierd angles can improve performance significantly.

2) Create hatch to match the page scale whenever possible.

3) Minimize the number of Hatches by purging the file of unused hatches ( this applies to classes, etc). Then save the file as a different version.

In v10 & 11 the HatchName string would sometimes get truncated resulting in strange behaviors.

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