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F34 Box Connector Won't Calculate


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I can't get any Braceworks to calculate any hanging positions that contain the supplied F34 Box truss symbol.  In the attached images any simple structure similar to those that contains the F34 Box symbol saying that it isn't properly supported, whereas any structures that don't contain it are fine.  I tried a few different combinations including just hanging a connector on its own from a hoist but that didn't work either.


Any thoughts?





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@ghunter I tried your setup as well and I could not get a calculation just like you experienced.  I was able to successfully get a calculation if I added a third piece of truss to make a "T" shaped truss rig.  I will submit this as a bug so that it can be explored.  If you are using the corner block just to add a short piece of truss and not as a corner I would make it a straight piece of truss so that it can calculate properly.  If you are looking to make "T" style junctions it appears to be functioning properly.  


As far as the vertical rig you are creating which is on screen left of your images Braceworks will not calculate a vertical structure at this time.  The only way to get it to calculate is to make the angle 89.99° and add a third motor to the bottom so it looks like a box that is very tilted.  I know that this is not ideal or how it is done in the real world but engineers are exploring the idea of calculating vertical truss structures.


I have attached a screenshot of how I was able to get the corner to calculate.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 10.07.49 AM.png

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