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Lumion Ingratiation is Amazing

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@Kevin Allen 

A mix, though mostly assigned in Lumion - as you can see in the VWX model - we used colours to distinguish textures then assigned them in Lumion.  We though the texture library would be slightly better than it is in Lumion, which is why we did it that way. 


But this is not how I would do it moving forward.  Lumion is very good at bringing the Diffuse map in, and so it is better to create the texture in VW, then modify the gloss, reflectivity in Lumion, rather than creating it from scratch in Lumion.  


There are no lights other the skylight in Lumion.  That is one of my favourite things so far - is that it is REALLY easy to get nice daylight.  We have not gotten into placing lights in the Lumion model for night and evening shots yet. 

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Isn't it freaking DOPE!? 

In general, you CAN do texturing in Vectorworks and Lumion will show them just fine, but their library has more advanced textures and supports more types of layered shaders in materials than Vectorworks does. I found it was best leaving the geometry and assignment of material by class to the Vectorworks side, and then do replacement of textures, lighting, water, moving objects and custom texture mapping in Lumion.

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Hi All,


Wondering if you all have any tips or comment on the following. 

We are looking to resolve the issue of being too far from the internal origin when exporting the .dae file. When imported to Lumion it cannot be seen. 


The model is located in Vectorworks based on geo referenced data which we need to preserve. Where adding a user origin prior to export of a dwg, this will change the dwg origin. A user origin does not seem to change the origin of the .dae file. 


A workflow with design layer viewports will probably work, this is a but more involved and coordinating back with consultants using georeferenced data may be tricky.


Finally, we have not yet upgraded to Lumion 9.3 to try LiveSync. are the same origin issues going to persist or is this handled in some other manner with LiveSync?


Thanks, Oliver.


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On 5/31/2019 at 4:51 AM, Tom Klaber said:

I love it - my partner thinks it is annoying

Lol like JJ Abrams films... some hate but I love a good ol’ flare - it’s kinda become his thing!


Awesome renders - will have to get the demo... the Twinmotion integration (if it happens) could be a while... 😕



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