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Dimension issues in viewport annotation



I have a residential project that involves 6 different houses on one site.  I am using viewports to get the individual houses onto my site plan, ad then dimensioning to the boundary in the main viewport annotation. 

My issue is that I cannot get the dimensions to snap onto the walls of the individual houses.


Anybody got any clue of which mystery setting I need to change?



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Not sure how you are organizing your project.  Can you clarify or post a sample file?


I'm testing two ways and cannot replicate.  My dims snap to walls either way:


1. Everything in one file (but only 2 houses in my test file)

• Site, House1, House2 each on their own design layer

• Sheet Layer for the Site Plan

• 3 Sheet Layer View Ports on the Site Plan sheet: SiteVP, House1VP, House2VP

• SiteVP shows design layer Site only. SLVPs for the houses show the single design layer of the named house

• Dims are placed in the SiteVP annotation space.  They snap to the walls in the SLVPs for the houses.

But this seems like a really difficult workflow and drawing setup.  Hope you are not doing it this way.


2. Site, House1, House2 in separate files

• Site treated as master file

• House files referenced into the Site File via Design Layer Viewports, but on separate design layers.

Same system for the dims:  SLVP in the Site File with the various layers visible.

Dims snap to the walls as expected.







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This brings up an interesting side point - how to organise multi house developments - this is reasonably new to me, and the first one of 6 houses I have done.

I have currently got the houses in separate files, with a site plan as a separate file.  I am cutting and pasting from the house files to the site file with each house having a separate design layer.  The problem with this arrangement is that if I alter something in the house files I have to remember to change it in the site file.  Is there a way to link the files live?

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Still not sure why the snaps are funky.


But, regarding multiple buildings in one project.  Couple work flows

1. If all in one file, either separate layer for each house, or could be several layers for each house, or make each house a symbol with a unique class.  The various classes and layers for each building will be enclosed in the symbol which can be moved, rotated, etc.  The uber class of the symbol allows visibility control in viewports. One file for 6 buildings and a complex site might be a huge, slow vwx file, so . . .


2.  Better idea might be separate files, one for each house and another for the site.  Reference these files in a master file (could be yet another separate file, or the Site file) by creating Design Layer View Ports in the master file.  Sheets and Sheet Layer Viewports are created in the master file to view the various layers containing the DVLPs.  I forget whether v2015 features Design Layer Viewports, but I think it does.  Easy to find out.  Open the Organization Palette>Reference Tab>Settings. Is there a DVLP option? If yes, explore in Help and online resources, and this forum.


DVLP is kind of a fancy 3d snapshot of the referenced file.  Things done to a DVLP do not alter the source file -  draw over the DVLP, delete it,  move xyz, rotate xyz, change view of it, change lighting, etc. none of this changes the source file.  Similar to SLVP, the DVLP has viz controls for layer and class, accessible when the DVLP is selected on it's design layer.  Lots more about this.  I suggest make some simple files and explore file referencing and dvlp before attempting in an active project file.  Note that any saved change to a source file will make its reference "out of date" (red in the reference list).  The changes will only manifest in the DVLP after Save in the source file, AND  reference update in the Master file - Right click the reference item in the Reference tab of the Org or Nav palette, then choose Update. Might take a few seconds.


Others may have more workflows to suggest for multiple buildings.



Org Palette Refs.png

DVLP Dialog.png

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If DVLP not available, at least the older form of referencing might eliminate need for a Copy/Paste in Place process.  It has controls for single or multiple design layer import.  I have not used the older, layer import referencing much, but I THINK the old style Update Reference command replaces current geometry with the new state of the source.  Perhaps others will shed brighter light on this.


A 6 house job might support upgrade to newest version of vwx?



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