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dxf for gerber translation

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using VW 11.5 on Mac OS 10.3.8

I'm trying to create artwork for a flex circuit layout, & vendor wants gerber file but says he can import DXF file. He is using CAM350, and says the software give "invalid file format error" or to that effect with my DXF file. tried both binary and text dxf versions, 2004, 2000, 14, nothing works.

I forwarded the file to a friend who has Autocad2000, he says it opens fine, then creates a new DXF (from my DXF) from AC2000, vender says this file is okay. ???

Later, experimenting, I tried to import DXF into a freeware version of Cadstar, also got "invalid file format" errors, tried every possible DXF setting.

Any help please?

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I would guess that there are splines or bezier curves in your file. Most CADCAM programs cannot use spline curves. I would guess that your friend converted the spline curves to arcs in Autocad before he saved the file. Unless I have missed something, there is no quick method to convert spline curves to arcs in Vectorworks.


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Perhaps I may be of assistance. I have written a Gerber translator for myself and would be happy to try to translate your file for you. I am able to translate Polylines with Corner, Arc and Bezier control points (CPs), but not Cubic Spline CPs. My output is in RS-274X format. There are some drawing restrictions in VW, but if your file is simple enough, it should go smoothly.

If you wish, you can send me your file, and/or contact me at mullinrj@aol.com.

All the best,


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