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Elements not rendering


I created an extruded object to create a floor then applied a texture. It renders in open GL but will not render in either fast Renderworks or Final Quality Renderworks.

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Hard to solve without some more info.


Some things to look at:

1)  Make sure extrude has a solid fill.  Probably does because OGL works.


2)Is it an image texture? Renders can go bad if source image too big.  Try this:  Duplicate the texture, then replace the source with a lower resolution version of the image, eg about 1mb max.  If that helps use the new version.  If more resolution needed, try new texture with say double the size/resolution, etc until you find the limit.  If lots of image textures in the scene, then try reducing source resolution in all or most of them.


3)If in Sheet Layer, are the desired lights switched on?


Or better yet:

Can you create a file with the problem to post here?  eg Copy/Paste in Place the extrude into a new, blank file.  If problem shows in the new file, post it so we can troubleshoot.  If problem not in new file, try copy/paste ALL objects into a new blank file (but not a template file) - try adding the objects layer by layer, and test each time until problem shows - post it in that state.


If/When it shows up, probably some corrupt object in the most recent paste (not the extrude) is causing problem. Eliminate (Cut, then Paste in Place into another new file so you can get them back) in groups until render works. Start with the likely suspects - objects/symbols brought forward from earlier vwx versions, things imported/converted from other software, large complex PIOs might be taxing your graphics card (too many tables/chairs/place settings, massive softgoods, drape surfaces, hundreds of lights, etc).


If no problem when everything copied to new file, then continue work in the new file and archive the old one. Sorry, you would have to remake all the SLVPs, too. Trash the old one when confident that everything is captured and working as expected.



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