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All 2D and 3D Curved edges are jagged.

Louis Wilson


Hi All, 


i was hoping someone could help me in regards to a problem with drawing a simple circle or arc and the edge of the arc is seriously jagged. I don't think i have ever had this problem but has come to my attention in the last couple of days. 

When i'm in Top/plan view its fine but moving into 3d Top view or any other view the radius will go jagged, is this just normal in vectorworks? i think all my settings are correct 

  • Open GL - detail set to Very high 
  • Use Anti - Aliasing checked 
  •  Navigation graphics - Good performance and compatibility
  • 2d conversion resolution  - Very high 
  • 3d conversion resolution  - Very high 
I've also made sure my graphics card is up to date and i have Service pack 3 but it just seems weird that a simple circle in a blank document is so jagged? ive attached a screen shot of the circle and if anyone could shine some light that would be much appreciated. Thanks Louis 


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Hello Louis, 

Try this: Go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > 3D and check the quality of the 3D conversion resolution 


Also, try to review your graphics card settings there's a thread where you can find the best settings for Nvidia graphics cards.

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