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As an exhibit designer I love the video screen tool in Designer to create modeled throws of projections to check for clearances and interferences. But I hate that all the projector models are these behemoths that don't accurately portray the modern smaller units used in the field. I've tried to create my own models and upload them into the "Projector Models" file in the VectorWorks library folder. I can see them in the Projector pop-up field in the Video Screen Object Info Palette, but when one is chosen it always gives me a window that says, "The Symbol you have chosen is not a valid Projector model. Please select a different one." And then "Height from Floor and Lens to Top and Lens to Bottom and Lens to Back and Lens to Front are not readable dimensions of the chosen Symbol."


I've attached the record "_VS-ModData" and filled in what seem to be valid dimensions in those fields but still get rejected. What am I doing wrong?


Attached are screen shots, one is one of the "canned" projector symbols and the other is a Panasonic short throw I modeled. Why is mine "not readable"?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me a hint.



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